Susan Q Wilson
Susan Q Wilson, a member of ACTRA and CAEA, has established herself as a creative, versatile, and thoughtful performer.

In December 2016, Susan won the Best Lead Female award from International Online Web Fest (based on the UK) for her role as Beatrice in A Cloud to Walk On, directed by Adam Pedersen. The film itself won the Best Short Film award. She also appears in Boys Will Be, directed by Teryl Brouillette, which was selected by TIFF for the 2017 Top Ten Student Short Film Festival with screenings across Canada.

Since returning to acting in 2010, Susan has been cast in 23 stage roles, 2 feature films, 22 short films, 3 web series, 1 television production, 3 print ads, and several commercials.

Susan hopes to help shift the out-dated stereotype of what older women are like. (Her role in Zaide, directed by Mike Fly, certainly does that!) We 'women of a certain age' are not like our mothers or grandmothers -- or yours. We look, act, think, and dress younger than they did at the same age. Remember: it was our generation that created the revolutions of the Sixties! So think Silver Siren!

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